Как да носим палто тартан Blogger styling Tartan coat

Despite the warm weather, most of us are probably on the look for a coat. If you are searching for a new one, my appeal to you is not to buy it in black. Besides the fact there are many more interesting and colorful options out there, black coats have one major disadvantage. They are like a magnet for little hairs.

I will never forget how I once brushed my black coat for a long time just to go out and get told by a man that I need to brush it. I felt so that I promised myself to never buy a black coat anymore. Well, I will probably buy one day because it is eternal and classic, but I would be very picky when it comes to fabric and texture. Until then, I prefer to bet on colors and patterns because they are much more low maintenance. Like this tartan coat. And they bring me some good mood, which is not to be underestimated.

Палто esprit тартан Esprit Тартан палто Успешният моден блогър Денина Мартин

Coat, Trousers & Top – Esprit at Bulgaria Mall

Bag & Pom-Pom – Pronta at Bulgaria Mall


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