With every year and every holiday, I always ask myself the question what sun protection will I use this time? And every time it’s different. For this holiday I took with me something I have never experimented with before. I took healthy skincare for the beach. The products that were present in my beach bag … Continue Reading

Last year Ron, Alex & I did a short road trip from Sofia to 7 Generations Winery through Bucharest and ended up in charming Balchik. There we stayed at Lighthouse Golf & SPA Resort. We enjoyed our stay, and it was very much kids friendly (especially the pool), so we thought it would be nice to … Continue Reading

Now that the heat wave is back, it’s time to get prepared for it. What I usually wear for the Summer heat is easy-breezy & bohemian style clothes. This means lots of cotton like here, as well as linen and other natural fabrics. I would also pull out a basket bag, because leather versions can … Continue Reading

I recently discovered this chic skirt and wondered – what it would pair well with? But it didn’t take long to think of it. In fact, every time I find a cute skirt, and I have no idea what to wear it with – I pull out a white tee. White t-shirts have turned into … Continue Reading

Vichy is a brand I have known for a long time and have used a few products of theirs. I’ve always known that the thermal water lying in each formula is the key ingredient to good results. Never, however, have I understood why this water is so magical. Recently, Vichy sent me the Mineral 89 … Continue Reading

The new-home hassle continues. Ron and I are working on repainting and making the place feels like ours. But I realised I started paying less attention to my looks meaning I dress for 2 minutes, refresh my face for another 2, and spend 2 more on hair.  Then we are out, trying to balance work … Continue Reading