The best thing about winter is spending it somewhere at a higher altitude a.k.a. up in the mountains where the sky is blue, the sun is shining and the snow is giving you the winter fairy tale vibes. As good as it seems, it has its own specifics, especially when it comes to skincare. In … Continue Reading

If there’s one must-have sweater every woman should own, this is absolutely a white/cream sweater. You will notice all the girls who dress well and have a good sense of style, possess white sweaters. I myself have quite a few in my wardrobe and they turn out to be among my most worn pieces. Here … Continue Reading

I don’t know if we ever discussed this in here, but I really like scoring quality designer pieces at a great price point. I mean who doesn’t? Especially, when it comes to brands like Max Mara, Boutique Moschino, MarcCain, etc. In fact, I’m all dressed in pieces of some of those brands with price tags … Continue Reading

I’m having a blue moment now. It’s apparent. Anything blue is a huge crush for me at the moment – like the coat from the Denina Mártin Collection and the blue hobo bag I recently wore. Not to mention this knit turtleneck top here – a continuation of my blue moment. Being driven by this … Continue Reading

I consider myself a Summer kind of person. I don’t like cold but I am starting to realise what I really don’t like is gloominess. I just need sun to exist. Which makes me think that it’s not the winter that I dislike but the lack of sunshine. The other day (in fact the whole … Continue Reading

A timeless outfit is one that never looses its popularity and never looks out of date. And that’s exactly the case with the white shirt and blue jeans – the most timeless combination of all. One that you can never go wrong with. My twist on this versatile outfit is a mix of modern, vintage … Continue Reading