I’ll start up straight. I do not like vacuum cleaners. Well, I do not like the ones I literally pull behind me and stumble over at every turn. That’s why we have always had a stick-type of vacuum cleaners. They are more compact and do not get me tangled in extensions. But I still get … Continue Reading

It is Saint Valentine’s Day tomorrow, and you haven’t figured out what to do? I have you covered with a few last minute gift ideas for two. A Pair of Fragrances Celebrating Love Fragrances are one of my favorite thing to gift. And now there are more and more options for couples. Emporio Armani have … Continue Reading

What’s your self-love mantra? Do you tend to forget that loving yourself is as important as loving people around you? Days before Valentine’s Day, I believe it’s a good thing to remind ourselves. Because how can one love you, if you don’t love yourself? I know that this one is tricky. It became a bit … Continue Reading

A few years ago started noticing changes in my skin. It might be with the turning of my 25th year or the fact that I live in a highly polluted city, but I got concerned. And with a preventive mindset I started becoming very keen on skincare. A month ago found myself checking on the … Continue Reading

I have been sharing some of our home decor journeys on Instagram stories for some time. We’ve started what we’ve called the Home Project at the very beginning of this year with the idea to finally decorate our living room. Apart from revealing the room’s look, I will also guide you through our decision making … Continue Reading

Motivation is something that comes from within, when it comes to sports. Yet, I am a firm believer that it can also be nourished with some good workout pieces. Nothing makes me feel better during a workout than a set of pieces that give me confidence. Here are the 4 things I always look for … Continue Reading