Last week we took a short trip to the UK with our partner WizzAir. We spent a weekend in London for London Fashion Week. It was a last minute thing, but since WizzAir have 3 flights a day to London, it was easy to make it all convenient for us and book the right flights. … Continue Reading

Coming back from London, I was surprised to see some of the first visuals from the campaign for Bulgaria Mall, which we shot earlier this month. It is inspired by all those beautiful Autumn shades and brings along the motto “Autumn Looks Great on You”. As many of you asked about the details of my … Continue Reading

The further September steps in, the more I want to wear its characteristic color palette rich of deep and warm hues. Like the ones on this Persian print dress. Loose and airy to make one feel comfortable during the warm hours of the day, but still bringing that sense of Fall though its colors. And … Continue Reading

When season change mainly meaning Spring and early Autumn, I always make sure I have a nice oversized shirt and white trousers or jeans on the front of my wardrobe. In fact, those are the two items I always wear in between seasons, when temperatures vary greatly from mornings to evenings. Oversized shirts, because they … Continue Reading

Mixing and matching is a wardrobe art-form. But it takes courage, time and understanding to master it. Look at it as if it’s a cocktail and you are the bartender. You need to be brave and add the ingredients that will result in the perfect combination to tickle the senses. Because if you are not, … Continue Reading

The one thing I love about shopping is finding those treasure pieces that look so good and timeless, and also feature a credit-card friendly price tag. Yes, you are sensing it right. I’m speaking about this affordable blazer that looks expensive, but isn’t. I recently found it at Bulgaria Mall’s H&M store, and immediately knew … Continue Reading