Those following me on Instagram know that I recently burnt one of my favorite dresses with an iron when we were staying at my parents’. Many messaged me with tips to get a steamer as a convenient and safe solution. Funny thing is I already had one, just did not bring it with me! However, … Continue Reading

As promised earlier, I’m sharing a few things about Ammouliani Island. We were there for such a short time that we didn’t get to discover it in full and photograph much, but we loved it so much that we are eagerly going back in the near future. Before reading below, you can feel just a … Continue Reading

The 90s had a whole range of specific and very emblematic trends. We, the 90s kids, remember them too well. Crop tops, animal prints, tiny bags, bucket hats, tie dye, biker leggings, you name them. Reading this you may realise most of these are now back and cool again. Including the strappy heels, square shaped … Continue Reading

This Summer started pretty well – with a few short holiday escapes to the Mediterranean. The latest was to Ammouliani – a really tiny island in Greece. As some of you expressed interest in me sharing tips and impression from the island, I will do in the following days. However, for this few days in … Continue Reading

Today’s look is the ultimate embodiment of Summer for me. And it inspired me to share with you an easy recipe for a perfect Summer look. One you could never go wrong with. Wear white. This color is always associated with luxury.  There’s this untold understanding that rich people wear white. And it looks so … Continue Reading

Summer is my favorite beauty season. Skin gets glowy and beatiful, and it doesn’t need much to make it even more beautiful. This season I partnered with Douglas at Bulgaria Mall to share with you the 2019 edition of my bronzed beauty favorites. Here they come. Clarins Bronzing Compact This luminous matte bronzing powder warms … Continue Reading