Bows have become a thing in the past months. Anything with a bow on it is hot and trending. And if it doesn’t have one, simply put a bow on it. Like a bow clip in your hair or tie one on your wrap dress. A cute way to incorporate the trend without looking too … Continue Reading

One of my recent outfit discoveries is this one. Or I must say these two. One look in two classic color combinations. Truth is I like them both so much that I can’t decide which one should be my winning choice. Eventually, I came up with the conclusion that it all depends on the mood. … Continue Reading

There are outfits that stand the test of time. And this outfit, in my opinion, is one of them. There’s nothing more timeless than a maxi trench coat, combined with a touch of gold which I absolutely adore. I am so into these 80s vibes where jewelries are the ultimate stars of a look. Here … Continue Reading

It is not the first time I wear Born to Move sportswear and every time I get more and more impressed with the pieces. As somebody who deals with fashion and in production in Bulgaria, it’s easy for me to notice the attention to detail and the  quality invested in every piece. My most recent … Continue Reading

For me personally fragrances are seasonal. I can love a fragrance in Summer and hate it in Winter. And vice versa. This cold season, my favorite fragrances are very intense, spicy and mostly niche. Today I share with you the 3 fragrances that get me so many compliments. In fact, one of them consists of … Continue Reading

There were years I thought chocolate brown was too boring to wear. But things shift, and people change. Now I certainly believe that chocolate brown is the new black. What do you think – yes or no? When it comes to this look, I have styled my old brown boots with matching trousers, a contrasting … Continue Reading