In the last couple of months we learned to live in sweatpants and hoodies and now it feels like a super normal cosy winter uniform. Even when it comes to going out dressed like that. Which I kind of like when it comes to those cool oversized sweatsuits which are actually having a huge fashion … Continue Reading

Dressed up and going nowhere is the cliché of 2020 that I really want to forget in 2021. However, despite this holiday season is a little bit different to what we know, I believe in the power of making myself feeling good no matter where I am by dressing up. Even if that is spending … Continue Reading

I just wanted to stop by and wish you all very, very happy holidays! I hope you enjoy them near your families and manage to forget about all the negativity that this year has brought us. Hug your loved ones tight and be thankful for every minute spent with them, because it is what fills … Continue Reading

It is pretty obvious this holiday season will be like no other in a sense that we will have no other option but to stay in. Which isn’t necessary a bad thing. It’s a great opportunity to have some family bonding time. However, if you intend to spend some of your days in pajamas, make … Continue Reading

Daily Look is a series on the blog which shows the looks Denina wears on a day-to-day basis as a quick way to share styling ideas and inspiration.

I don’t know about you, but I’m 90% ready with Christmas gifts and so I’m 90% stress free. I like the feeling being prepared from advanced when it comes to Christmas shopping, although this wasn’t always the case. And it feels good! However, recently we got this DS7 by DS Automobiles for a two-day test … Continue Reading