You must remember the amazing experience Ron and I had in Paris with Avon & Kenzo Takada this September for the launch of both their fragrances. Now that Avon Life Colour by Kenzo Takada is available to purchase, I come to share with you more about both the male and female scent. The two fragrances … Continue Reading

Our lives have changed a lot in the last few years when it comes to using different devices. And while there are many not worth the investment, there are 4 gadgets I love using personally and certainly recommend. BLUETOOTH SPEAKER Ron and I almost never watch TV, unless it’s HBO, NatGeo or Netflix. So, when … Continue Reading

It’s that time of the year when we can finally start wearing cosy knits without feeling inappropriate. In fact, one of my favorite things is cozying up in soft knitwear pieces like having a warm sweater paired with a warm cardigan. And even though the word “cardigan” may not sound much sexy, this knitted button-down might … Continue Reading

This year we spent quite a few hours up in the air. The more I travel, the more conclusions I reach to, and the more patterns of jet setting I notice. Plus, some mistakes respectively. And since I have realised that I enjoy early flights much more, I decided to share with you the benefits … Continue Reading

The 70s won’t die when it comes to trends. Or at least, that’s what the recent years have shown. For me this works perfectly, as 70s (together with the 90s) is my absolutely favorite age in fashion. ♥ This Autumn there’s this sepia-tinged mood set in fashion, which I already talked about here. In previous years … Continue Reading

Believe it or not, but I have 1) never owned a parka before; 2) never had such a bright piece of outerwear; 3) never imagined I would put on outerwear with a lacquer finish. But I love that PennyBlack challenged me for their 40th anniversary by gifting me the limited edition parka honoring the occasion. Because … Continue Reading