Nothing compliments my mood better than a beautiful fragrance! Since what I wear on a particular day is very much related to my mood, I like to match my perfume to my outfit. It’s the best finishing touch. At the moment I’m using these 3 uplifting fragrances for Spring/Summer and I can’t get enough of … Continue Reading

One of the major pros of having a clothing brand is the ability to create pieces that I’d love to have but couldn’t find anywhere! That’s exactly the case with this skirt. I can’t stop wearing this maxi skirt from Denina Mártin Collection because it’s something I wanted to have in my wardrobe for a … Continue Reading

According to scientists, when we feel things are out of control, we experience stress. The thing that gives us a sense of security and control are our memories. This is why fashion quite often goes back to its roots and drives inspiration from past decades. We, the millennials, are emotionally attached to the 90s, and … Continue Reading

If there’s a list of outfits you can’t go wrong with, neutrals will be in there, for sure. You know I love wearing colors, but I love some Spring neutrals and cream whites quite too much, as well. I just feel comfortable and I know that wherever the day leads me, I will look appropriate. … Continue Reading

It’s the beginning of May and Spring has officially made its magnificent appearance. Not just that. It feels even warmer and sunnier than anticipated. Sofia feels like Summer! I don’t know about you, but one of the quickest persons when it comes to warmer weather adapting. The moment I smell warmer weather, and I’m ready … Continue Reading

For months now cardigans have been a thing in the world of fashion. Many are skeptical but I feel there’s something very sexy about them, especially if well styled. Not to mention how practical they are. I mean it’s the trendy piece to wear year round! Style with jeans, skirts & dresses as an outerwear in … Continue Reading