Last October I made up my mind on cutting my hair short – 27cm off the length to be more specific. I still get asked how it is after this change and whether I regret doing it. So, I decided to share with you 6 pros of cutting my hair short. If you are hesitant … Continue Reading

In my previous post I shared how much I love that retro perception of beauty. It is valid for both clothes & makeup. Whenever Ron and I are going out for dinner or an event, I love to opt for the classic red lip and cat eye look. However, today I am sharing with you … Continue Reading

I love classic beauty. I really do. Those classic looks with retro vibes that some will call a cliché – I love them. They have so much femininity in them. A midi polka dot dress in black (this one from Reserved) and a red lip (Lancome L’Absolu Rouge in 01 Ruby Cream) is an everlasting … Continue Reading

For the past few seasons we’ve witnessed an unexpected transformation in fashion when it comes to bags. The mini which for many seemed impractical was overtaken by the micro thanks to Jacquemus’s famous version. Although the latter is basically useless due to its teeny-tiny size, it still remains a trend. (But it matters only if … Continue Reading

I’m not the typical pink-lover. I don’t have many pink pieces in my wardrobe, and it’s a rare occasion that I get keen on a pink piece. The last time was this Autumn when I wore this dress (see full outfit here). And now this neon pink mohair sweater. I think if anybody’s considering wearing pink, … Continue Reading

The best thing about winter is spending it somewhere at a higher altitude a.k.a. up in the mountains where the sky is blue, the sun is shining and the snow is giving you the winter fairy tale vibes. As good as it seems, it has its own specifics, especially when it comes to skincare. In … Continue Reading