I was pretty consistent in sharing about our trip to Paris and all the wonderful and inspiring moments of it. But I didn’t share one thing – an unexpected phone call I got during our stay there. Ron and I were just making our way in the city of love and fashion, when an unknown … Continue Reading

We had a pretty busy September when it comes to traveling, but we promised ourselves to spend the entire month of October locally. So now we spend basically every weekend in the city. One of the things we devote the days off to is our apartment. Traveling made it impossible to continue with our work … Continue Reading

Pastels have always been my favorite. Even though they are highly associated with Spring and Summer, I myself do not feel seasonally restricted when it comes to wearing them, and this outfit is a proof. However, many of you might feel wary when it comes to mixing and matching pastels. It’s not that challenging. In … Continue Reading

One of my best friends always says that this is my color. And maybe she’s right. Brown is certainly one of my most loved colors as I enjoy styling it a lot. And for Fall, it’s just the perfect warm hue to have as a base. Luckily, this season brown is the new black, and most … Continue Reading

I shared the story of our Parisian trip recently here, as well as the vlog here, but I got so many questions about this outfit that I decided to make a separate post with details and links to what I wore.  So, what do you do upon finding out you are about to visit Paris? … Continue Reading

As somebody who is genuinely interested in fashion, I always check on trends, and try to incorporate them, because it’s just my passion. But that doesn’t mean it has to be a 100% blind following of the trend report. In no way. I think the good thing about trends is every person’s own interpretation. And … Continue Reading