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What does a collection need in order to be successful?

There are a thousand correct and very individual answers to this question, but at the bottom of all it would be that a collection should possess a distinctive character, be accessible to wear and be finished with attention to detail. This is exactly the case with the upcoming collaboration ERDEM x H&M. A collection which excites and makes one dream. It’s different from other collaborations we’ve seen, and I very clearly recognize myself in it.

Born in Canada, Erdem Morallyoglu has a father of Turkish origin and a mother of English. In 2005 he moved to London and founded his own designer label. He is not a fan of trends and has individual perceptions of femininity. Florals are one of the key elements in his collections. That’s what quickly won my admiration over him. Rich textures are also an integral part of his creations. What’s more, Erdem is not one of those eccentric experimenters. He likes the classic and eternal style. His collections are very romantic. And all of these distinctive features are brilliantly sealed in his designs for ERDEM x H&M. They are elegant, tasteful and very much refined. Everything about them is so moderate that the collection would easily fit into the modern women’s wardrobe in its most part.

Today I’m showing you some of the pieces that will make their debut on November 2, when ERDEM x H&M comes out in selected stores and online.

ERDEM H&M collection suit Residence Tera Sofia ERDEM H&M collection blazer

Blazer – £119.99

Skirt – £69.99

blogger favorite Erdem H&M top h m erdem top Erdem x H&M collection

Shirt – £79.99

Erdem x H&M dress Blogger wearing Erdem H&M Residence Tera ERDEM H&M dress

Dress – £149.99

ERDEM x H&M collaboration Couple wearing H&M Erdem grey suit

A curious fact – in interviews Erdem has shared he would probably never do a men’s collection, because it would be too boring judging by his own style. The designer has created his first men’s collection in his career for ERDEM x H&M. And no, it is no way boring. It is just perfect. Even Ron agreed to come in front of the camera this time.

H&M Erdem men collection H&M Erdem men grey suit H&M Erdem suit

Hers Suit Jacket – £119.99

Hers Suit Trousers – £79.99

Brooch –  £24.99

His Suit Jacket – £139.99

His Suit Trousers – £69.99

His Shirt – £69.99

After everything said, I can only tell you that ERDEM x H&M is by far my most favorite collaboration H&M has ever done. I will let you decide for yourselves. :)


Denina ♥

*Thank you H&M for letting me be among the first to see and experience the collection.

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What size tweed jacket are you wearing? Thnx in advance. Ziva

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