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I’ve always had an interest in fashion and style. In 2014 I made up my mind to start a blog where I can share interesting and inspirational posts. That’s how Purely Me by Denina Martin was born. I decided to call it like that as it reflects my personality, believes and lifestyle sincerely and purely as they are. What is really key to this virtual diary is its authenticity and openness, which you – my readers can feel confident trusting.

Although fashion and style are a key focus of this blog, I also have passion for beauty and travel. My aspiration in life is positive thinking and seeing all things beautiful. So, what you will find here  is purely a mix of my lifestyle, likes and a pinch of daily wisdom blended with a mild passion for photography. Special credits to Ron for the latter.

Dive into my world of lovely inspirations!

I hope you will enjoy my posts as much as I enjoy creating them. : )


Denina ♥