Whenever theres sun theres joy Denina Martin 2

Purely Me by Denina Martin is an online editorial destination covering topics from fashion, and beauty to travel and life in its colorful perspectives. I started this journey in 2014 with the idea of capturing and sharing everything that inspires me. I set myself a mission to turn this blog into a positive place full of useful information and styling ideas on how women can wear more color into their everyday.

As the author and creator behind every single post on this website, I always make sure the information and opinions I share are 100% mine and authentic. I believe that being open, real and honest is what helps me build a good relationship with my readers.

As of today, I’m happy that my blog which started as a fun project during my pregnancy, now counts to the most known and read fashion blogs in Bulgaria, constantly growing not only from the viewpoint of the increasing amount of readers from around the world, but also in terms of quality. This has given me the amazing opportunity to collaborate with brands I love and value.

Of course, none of this would have ever been possible if it wasn’t for the help of Ron – my partner in life and the photographer behind 99% of the images here.

As a continuation of our mutual work, in 2019 we created our own line of women’s clothing called Denina Mártin Collection. A range of elegant and modern pieces that celebrate the feminine and confident woman of our age. DMC, as we call it, features seasonal designs that embody my personal vision for style and color. You are very welcome to explore what we have to offer for you on our online shop.


Denina ♥