Despite the warm weather, most of us are probably on the look for a coat. If you are searching for a new one, my appeal to you is not to buy it in black. Besides the fact there are many more interesting and colorful options out there, black coats have one major disadvantage. They … Continue Reading


I love all kinds of blue and navy is my kind of black, because it goes great with any color. It’s carries a sense of elegance, sophistication and timelessness. That’s why I always try to have a couple of staples in this color, especially when the Autumn/Winter season approaches. If you also want to escape … Continue Reading


I love sharing my personal views and tips that can be useful for you. Today I am sharing 5 fashion investments that are worth the cash according to me. Of course, I am far from the belief that expensive is always good. Rather, I choose to rely on my personal judgement and inner sense for … Continue Reading