Infiniti Tower Panorama

Location: Rooftop of Infinity Tower, Sofia

In the world of fashion every new season comes with its specific and unique mood. It reveals something new and different to distinct itself from the previous. Inevitably, the Autumn of 2017 looks different to the Autumn of 2016 in many ways. One way it differs is it’s very much populated with animals. Exactly. Brands are stepping forward to show their love for wildlife with some playful interpretations, recreating their own version of an Urban Zoo. And it deserves a moment of appreciation before we pass it by.

Week&Shop MDL blogger Furla metropolis jungle crossbody bag

With the summer slowly departing, that Back-to-Work theme starts getting more serious. Tasks start loading up to a level where work overtakes us. And it’s a lonely life. We need friends to cheer us up. Why not bring a friend or two at work? Maybe a cat as Weekend by Max Mara suggests in their Autumn/Winter 2017 collection? Or why not a whole big giraffe? Let’s make it two for Furla. In fact, I quite fancy the idea of re-creating that personalized kind of an Urban Zoo in my everyday. It’s fun. It’s positive. It’s different. Big thumbs up to that trend.

What’s your stake here?

Week&Shop MDL Bulgaria mall Weekend by max mara shirt Furla Metropolis Jungle Max Mara weekend shirt Week&Shop MDL fashion blogger Weekend by max mara Week&Shop MDL Week&Shop Max Mara

Shirt – Weekend by Max Mara at Week & Shop MDL in Bulgaria Mall

Trousers – Weekend by Max Mara at Week & Shop MDL in Bulgaria Mall

Bag – Furla Metropolis Jungle at Week & Shop MDL in Bulgaria Mall

Pom-Pom –  Furla at Week & Shop MDL in Bulgaria Mall


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