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Location: Винарна “Седем Поколения” , с.Мечка

Two weeks ago Ron, Alex and I went on a short road trip. I already shared about Bucharest, as well as Balchik. Now it’s time to share about our first stop – a place also much worth the attention.

Our first stop from the road trip was near Ruse at Seven Generations Winery. A magical place which impressed us with many things – including an interesting life story. And since we were very happy with our stay, I decided to share with you 7 reasons to visit Seven Generations Winery.


Vines have always brough a feeling of romance, but here the picture is different. To their charm are added numerous picturesque hills, crossed by the silver Danube. And the eyes travel forward, only stopped by the horizon. All this beauty is like a fairy tale, which takes you on a journey of dreams.

Mom and son at seven generation winery Seven generation winery fileds Ruse Seven generation winery fileds Family holiday at seven generation Панорама винарна седем поколения


The one thing that is key for every winery is its wine. “Seven Generations” produces award-winning Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cuvette and Rose. However, for us awards and prizes do not matter. What matters is the taste, and the wine here was excellent. Or at least the Rose, as it was our choice in the hot summer nights near the Danube.

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One of the great advantages of the winery is its peacefulness. It’s quiet, at most times only birds can be heard. People from nearby villages would come for dinner only, but even then it is still peaceful. I recommend it for families with children.

Seven generations peaceful place Family holiday at seven generation winery Family holiday at seven generation winery Ingiliz blogger shoes Ingiliz shoes


Another reason to recommend “Seven Generations Winery” to families with children. It host different animals, which is extremely interesting for children. Alex was very happy and was always checking on the rabbits, geese, chicks and the dogs. However, his favorite were the ponies as he was feeding them with hay. And you know, there’s no better feeling than seeing your child happy.

Family holiday at seven generation winery Family holiday at seven generation winery Family holiday at seven generation winery Family holiday at seven generation winery Family holiday at-seven generation winery 24


There is an outdoor pool for the summer months. If you are visiting during the colder months, there is also a SPA area, but we did not get to see it. The thing I liked very much is that hotel guests can borrow a bike for free and go on a bike tour. The winery is located between small villages so car traffic is not an issue. There is also a small children’s playground, but as far as we know – next year there will be a bigger one.

Usa dreaming mom and son


The thing that none of us expected is that there would be an interesting story behind the winery. A story about the owner’s life, who managed to fulfill the American dream. You might say, “Yes, and so what? There are many people like him.” That’s true, but we met this man during dinner. He was so nice and talkative. We couldn’t read the book about his life which was in our room, but we did read a couple of interviews. It felt motivating to learn about a real success story, and remind ourselves that hard work and persistence pay off sooner or later.

Ron himself was very happy with the surrounding US spirit. Not sure if I have mentioned this before, but he used to live in the States and he still has deep feeling about it. :)

Alex at barn house Seven generation winery american flag


The sunset at the winery is like a ritual. People would stand up and watch. Most would take photos. We did take one, but thought the best photo is actually the memory in your head. So, we just watched. If you are a romantic soul, you should definitely visit the winery and watch the sunset.

Seven generation winery senset

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Hat – H&M (подобна тук)

Perfumes – Emporio Armani Stronger With You & Because It’s You 


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