Borovets hills and spa

The week before last week we went to Borovets. I decided to share one more short mountain photo diary with you, as a continuation to this first post.

On this day we packed ourselves too well, because when you are 2300m above the sea level, it is quite cold despite the sun. We got our Nevica equipment clothes from SportsDirect on a very good deal. I am not much educated in this, but I can see they are of quite good quality, especially in their price range.

Ski holiday Borovets ski nevica suit Wearing ski Nevica suit Hotel view Hotel view

On this day we jumped on the Yastrebets Express. This was the first time Alex went on a cabin lift, and he was extremely impressed. It was my first time, too, but the real excitement for me was seeing this little guy’s joyful face. When you have a kid, you get to know the feeling of being happier for someone else’s joy more than for yours. And it’s a marvelous feeling.

In fact, we were eager to ski. Unfortunately, our plans had to change, and this was slightly disappointing. Yet, we had a great time. It’d be even better when Alex grows up big enough to jump on a pair of tiny ski.  But until then we will be happy and satisfied with breathing the clean mountain air and feeling the warmth of the sunbeams up there. These two are missed in Sofia.

on top Borovets mountain ski Ski trace Borovets ski holiday Bulgaria drinking hot tea Borovets Holiday 2017 Ski holiday Borovets mountain Borovets ski holiday Mountain road Borovest hot tea mountain view hot tea and mountain view Borovets mountain

Have you ever tried Nevica before? Do you have any impressions or feedback on it?  


Denina ♥

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