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Tonal dressing has been rejected by many but not in the world of fashion. It has always been a way to make a statement and show some confidence. To be honest, I haven’t always been positive about it, but the recent years has changed me a lot. I’ve become more brave when it comes to clothing and experiments.

One thing I enjoy about tonal dressing is the game of textures. For this look I played with some by combining a jacquard trousers, a textured coat, a pleated scarf, a knit top, and a furry bag accessory. All of these featured a very, very similar ivory shade. But because I really believe there should be something to pop, I inserted a red Metropolis. My favorite one! And it’s got the Valentine’s theme. Happy Valentine’s Day by the way! :)

Red Furla metropolis handbag Furla metropolis handbagBulgarian Style bloggerBenetton tonal dressing look

If you are still cautious about tonal dressing, here are a few tips that can help you master this styling without feeling uneasy about it. Tips that might actually help you like it.

If you are shy, pick a softer and more neutral shade. Like all kinds of nude.

Do mix different shades from one and the same color. Just make sure they go with one another and have a similar tone.

Play with textures. They will create dimension.

A simple and safer way to do tonal dressing is by opting for tailored pieces. A more elegant look is potentially easier to master and accept.

Don’t forget – you can always break the tone with a contrasting and playful bag. I myself love to do so!

Be brave.

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Have you ever tried tonal dressing or you feel rather cautious about it? 


Denina ♥

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