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Buongiorno! I’m writing from sunny Italy to share with you a little pinch of coffee aroma. And you don’t need to be in Italy to experience this magic. Trust me.

Coffee has been an Italian tradition for many years, and it’s easy to spot this when spending time around locals. About a month ago this tradition entered the doorstep of my home. It was a special delivery from Saeco. I set it up quickly and prepared my favorite Espresso Lungo. Authentic. Aromatic. Intense. Refreshing. Those were my first impressions, and I felt I should come and share, because the majority of you are coffee-lovers. I’m sure of that.

Saeco incanto coffee maker

People who know me would be surprised by the fact that I have become a coffee drinker. Truth is, with the kid and all the work, I discovered only coffee would keep my energy levels up. It all started during the evenings when I had to stay up late and work. This turned into a routine as my boy wouldn’t let me work during the day. However, I felt it wasn’t a healthy routine, so switched up by going to bed earlier and respectively waking up earlier. Guess what would help me wake up and feel fresh in the mornings? Coffee.

Saeco incanto coffee machine Home Saeco coffee machine

In the mornings I’m a fan of Esspresso Lungo. I like to enjoy the flavor longer, and Saeco makes it so easy with pressing just a single button. It is slightly noisy while the ceramic coffee mill processes the beans, but that’s the case with all automatic espresso machines. And it feels more authentic that way. Plus, this brings out the best coffee flavour. After a few seconds I grab my cup and insert about a spoonful of coconut oil. I don’t believe it will make me leaner, but I certainly believe in all the health benefits it would bring and the extra energy boost. Also, the taste is even more delicious.

Home coffee Saeco 1280x1920 Philips Saeco incanto Saeco incanto coffee 1280x1920 Saeco incanto cappuccino maker

However, during the afternoons Ron and I usually like to treat ourselves with lighter coffee drinks such as cappuccino or latte macchiato. The Saeco Incanto does them both simply by filling up the milk tank and pressing a button. And there is so much milk foam on top of those drinks! Always thought this is achievable only by coffee masters.

Philips Saeco incanto machine Saeco latte macchiato Home made cappuccino biscuite cappuccino Fashion blogger cappuccino

Do you know what’s the best part? I know that when I return home from Italy, I can press a single button to enjoy the coffee aroma, which will take me back to the memories of our Italian trip.

Find out more about the machine here.

How do you prefer to have your coffee? 


Denina ♥

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