Botanic city garden of Sofia

Sometimes, at the heart of our own city there are hidden treasure we often forget about. Beautiful places we tend to pass over. A week ago, Ron and I were walking in downtown Sofia, passing by the University Botanical Garden. We thought “Hey, we should make a visit soon!”. Well, we did make a visit yesterday, happily enjoying its idyllic atmosphere.

Floral long skirt Catty City garden Sofia Botanic garden Floral skirt botanic garden

I called this garden “a city escape within the city”. You enter it and somehow you escape this urban insanity, while still being in its heart. Maybe that’s why I was so impressed. And how can I not be impressed – lush garden vegetation overlooking some of Sofia’s most emarkable buildings – The National Gallery of Foreign Art and St. Aleksander Nevski Cathedral.

Botanic floral skirt 06072017 Botanic city garden Floral skirt 05072017 Pronta handbag 07072017 Botanic city garden blogger

In fact, the one thing that really affected me emotionally was the Butterfly Pavillion Exhibition which is to celebrate 125 years since the University Botanical Garden’s foundation. For the first time in my life do I see such big and beautiful butterflies – tropical ones! Ron and I entered this botanical aquarium which felt as humid as the tropics. And we saw them. They were numerous, but they were hiding. Just one of them wished to reveal its beautiful wings in deep blue. But just for a short amount of time. We couldn’t even take a photo of this beauty. And it was for good – I believe this is something you should see for yourself. Do go and see them. They are impressive!

Botanic city garden 05072017 Sofia city garden 07072017 Botanic butterfly 06072017


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So pretty! I love exploring my own city, especially when there are beautiful flowers and sunshine :)

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