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It’s July. As soon as you make a step out of the city, you encounter fields, painted in yellow. Fields which seem to  be worshiping their master – the Sun. Yes, those sunflower fields are beyond beautiful. Symbolic of the romantic and burning summer. Symbolic of freedom and light-heartedness. They remind how much more beautiful and inspiring one can be, if only looking straight and up, but never down.

Denina Martin wearing freywille-jewellery around sunflowers

Probably Irina was as beautiful and as inspiring as those sunflowers. The Bulgarian actress, who became Hundertwasser’s muse for painting one of his emblematic masterpieces – “Irinaland über dem Balkan”. She shines like the sun in the painter’s idealistic world, full of colorful and eccentric buildings. It’s truly wonderful that the beauty of a Bulgarian woman was the very inspiration for an author as colorful as Hundertwasser.

waving freywille scarf Freywille imperial hundertwasser jewellery Freywille blogger sunflowers

Does it ring a bell why I am writing all this? Usually, when I start discussing artworks with such passion and love, FREYWILLE is being involved. Today is not an exception. Inspired by one of Hundertwasser’s sunniest artworks, FREYWILLE created a shiny and colorful design, which itself is an inspiration. Even if one doesn’t pass by sunflower fields every day, the jewelleries are beautiful enough to excite a smile on one’s face – with all their prettiness and the faerie reality they are portraying. And all this gets me thinking – why couldn’t the world be as colorful as Hundertwasser’s perceptions of it…

Hommage A Hundertwasser freywille Beautyful blogger wearing freywille

It can be. Of course, it can. As they say – beauty is nowhere else but in the eyes of the beholder.  That’s why I’m wishing you much beauty in your eyes. And sun! Be like the sunflowers – keep your face to the sunshine and you won’t see shadows. Happy July Monday!

Sunflower fields bloom Freywille imperial jewellery Bulgarian fashion blogger wearing freywille Wearing Imperial hommage a hundertwasser Details freywille sunflowers Freywille jewellery from Vienna


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