5 summer accessories to buy

Even though we already came back from our holiday, I believe for many of you it is still to come. I also believe that you may want to buy some chic accessories before your next trip, wouldn’t you? That’s why I’m sharing 5 summer accessories recommended by me, plus links to pieces I like.


straw hat to buy this summer 5 summer accessories straw hat 5 summer accessories straw hat 2017

A hat is one of the chicest accessories for summer. It serves as excellent sun protection, while complimenting every summer outfit. That’s why it’s purely a must-have. The brim’s size is according to one’s very personal preferences. I myself rarely opt for wide brim hats because I don’t feel comfortable with them, even though they look fabulous and very chic. My top choice is medium brims. Additionally, I would also enjoy a good visor hat.


5 summer accessories red espadrilles 5 summer accessories tom tailor 5 summer accessories espadrilles

Espadrilles as a shoe type date back to the 14th century. They were called peasant shoes, and later on worker shoes. Nowadays, espadrilles are mainly seen as fashionista shoes, because every woman who has an affair with fashion has at least a pair of them – flat or wedges.


5 summer accessories to buy straw handbag straw handbag to buy this summer 5 summer accessories straw handbag

Straw bags are not just beach bags. They are beautiful accessory for the everyday. I recently got this Pepe Jeans bag and turned it into my go-to bag. Even tough I’m so happy with it, I keep on looking for some cute finds in this category, because straw bags are just fabulous.


Retro sunglasses to buy this summer My fav retro sunglasses retro sunglasses to buy

Retro sunglassses became my staple this summer. The requirements are 3 – to be oval- or cateye-shaped; to be plastic; and to be colorful and fun. I also recommend geeky glasses if you feel brave enough.


Oversized bracelet accessories Oversized accessories this summer Oversized accessories must have this summer

Oversized bracelets, earrings and necklaces – they are all the ultimate summer pieces. I myself enjoy styling a stack of wooden bracelets, or wearing a statement necklace with a plain dress. Variations are numerous. Whatever you pick, it should match your summer mood.

Which are your favorite summer accessories?


Denina ♥

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