HM Blue puffer jacket
Blue puffer jacket Bulgaria mall

Those winter blues, saving me from feeling blue. January always keeps my vibe low. So, I do my best to keep up a good mood by staying more social, spending time outside, and painting my everyday in color. And it does work in the right direction. If I keep doing this, as well as keeping myself busy, those last winter months will pass quickly, I’m sure.

However, one other color which saves me from feeling down appears to be purple, especially this year.  In 2018 purple feels extra special, not because it’s Pantone’s color of the year, but because it marks my first (individual) advertising campaign for Bulgaria Mall. You can see it here. It’s still somehow unusual to me because I see myself on outdoor advertisements, inside the mall, in magazines, and else. This has definitely saved me from those winter blues, and I’m so thankful for such a start of 2018!

What’s your formula to stay depression-free in January?

Winter Blues - HM blogger - Небесносиньо
Cozy blue jacket
Style blogger wearing blue puffer jacket

Cozy blue puffer jacket H&M

Puffer Jacket, Sweater Trousers & Hat – H&M at Bulgaria Mall


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