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Last week I attended a morning show on national TV to share some tips for styling the color of the year. As you may heard, Pantone choose Ultra Violet to be 2018’s color. That day I was wearing this H&M dress, about which many of you asked. In fact, the dress is not exactly in Ultra Violet, but features a shade which is very close to it. Speaking of which, it also reveals one of the boldest but yet nicest color combos – purple and orange. I myself even took a step forward, completing it with a clutch in tan. This combination is definitely rather unpredictable, but it fits one of the main trends for Spring/Summer 2018 – bold color combinations.

Other possible combinations with Ultra Violet involve different shades of yellowpale, lemon, mustard and even neon yellow. Another great match is green. I enjoy the fine contrast with emerald, as well as with light green. And for those extreme purple lovers, I would recommend trying mixing it with pink lavender – yet another trendy color for SS18. However, if you’re more conservative, pick neutral shades or very light gray – they also look great with Ultra Violet.

Generally, Ultra Violet may seem tricky to style, but it actually offers a great number of options. You only have to free your imagination and be brave. In fact, this is what the color symbolizes – imagination, artistic expression, exploration, and spiritual reflection. Interpret it as you like and do not be afraid to be different.

Fashion blogger wearing pantone color of the year
Ultra violet dress 2018
Цвета на годината
2018 color of the year dress
Ultra violet fashion dress HM
Мода ултравиолет рокля
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Violet Dress – H&M (other Ultra Violet finds here, here, herehere, here, here, here and here)

Clurch – Michael Kors (same collection here and here)


Have you already started wearing Ultra Violet? How are you styling the color of the year?


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