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There are so many types of jeans – skinny, slim, regular, flare, boyfriend, mom… We know them all. Some are loved, some more. But now we see the rise of yet another type – the trend jeans. They represent those signature fits but have a little bit of fun on them.

The trend-leg designs are everywhere now and I have started to enjoy them much. They are part of Pepe Jeans London’s current collection, too. Unclassified. That’s how they also call them and it’s totally fine because that’s what fashion is about. Out of the box pieces that bring their own and unique tune.

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And because jeans look best next to a t-shirt, I inserted one with a British soul to remind me of the old days when I lived in the UK. It’s fun. I’m sure I have closed down this page of my life and I do not wish to come back there (at least for living). But I still feel nostalgic at times. Because we had those unforgettable moments there that left a mark. Anyway, I’m really keen on wearing some of those iconic British brands to cure this sense of nostalgia.

By the way, did you see the watch? It’s got a denim strap with shine on it. It’s brilliant. Literally! I just discovered it in the Guess store, Bulgaria Mall.

Gas jeans blazerpepe jeans mom jeans denim Casual outfit pepe jeans bulgaria mallpepe jeans Guess watch Guess watchSpring outlook sexy hairCasual outfit pepe jeans spring summer Coccinelle handbag

Wearing: PEPE JEANS LONDON Jeans and T-shirt / GAS JEANS Blazer / COCCINELLE Bag (Scandal) / GUESS Watch

All of the aforementioned are available at Bulgaria Mall.

Have you tried wearing Trend Jeans already? Do you like them? 


Denina ♥

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