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Ron and I have been together for ages, but we barely enjoy time just for ourselves. This has been so since Alex’s birth, as you might assume. So, when we go for a kid-free lunch we joke and call it a date lunch, because it feels like a date. Just the two of us enjoying good food at a nice place and chatting.

And because we rarely have the chance to go on a date lunch, not to mention dinner, we get very picky about places. As huge sushi lovers we know a few places downtown, but our most visited spot is SASA Asian Pub at Radisson Blu Hotel. Apart from loving the taste they serve there, we enjoy the experience itself. Because it is so much more than just eating sushi. It’s a relaxing ritual and needs to be enjoyed in a private and tranquil atmosphere. An atmosphere that takes you on a marvelous journey for foodies.

Fashion blogger at Sasa asian pub Sofia Fashion blogger at Sasa asian pub

They say Sushi is the fifth taste after salt, sweet, sour, and bitter. They call it umami. I love umami. But before Ron and I enjoy the taste of umami, we always order our favorite Goma Wakame salad. And it’s not just delicious but it’s also packed with health benefits. However, going back on the sushi topic, I recently rediscovered Nigiri, Temari and the new Sushi sandwiches at SASA. They are simple but yet very tasteful. Perfect for someone who is not a fan of the Philadelphia combos like myself. Even now, when writing about this, I want to have some. Luckily they have the SASA Delivery going now.

Sasa asian pub Radisson sushi Моден блогър САСА суши  Fashion blogger at Sasa asian pub Radisson Sasa sushi Radisson Sofia Dream catcher Denina Martin Asian pub Dream catcher Denina Martin Sasa asian pub Radisson Sofia

Wearing: MANGO Trousers / DREAM CATCHER Top / COCCINELLE bag / bandana / ZARA heels / CHRISTIAN PAUL watchа

Are you a Sushi lover, too? Would you take your date to a Sushi restaurant? 


Denina ♥

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