The chances for attending some sort of a celebration in May are quite big. Would it be a prom-related occasion, wedding or anything else, the season of festive moments is open and a new dress is always a good idea. This week’s featured item is а stylish and chic bell dress from Bulgaria Mall’s … Continue Reading


In High school I was really into the rocker chic trend. With time my personal style and preferences changed, and I stopped wearing myself like that. As it is in fashion, it is with people – trends do come back, as well as personal preferences. I’m sure you are already guessing – I have started falling for this … Continue Reading


The color talk continues, with the yellow dress on focus this time. I’m curious to know, what does yellow remind you of? I myself see it as the color of sun, light and positivism. There’s so much joy and happiness in this color. After a quick search on the Internet, I found out it arouses … Continue Reading