Biker-Jacket-Ruffle-Dress-Mango-Rocker-Chic-Denina-Martin-2 Biker-Jacket-Ruffle-Dress-Mango-Rocker-Chic-Denina-Martin-1

In High school I was really into the rocker chic trend. With time my personal style and preferences changed, and I stopped wearing myself like that. As it is in fashion, it is with people – trends do come back, as well as personal preferences. I’m sure you are already guessing – I have started falling for this style again.

It all started by purchasing this leather jacket. Believe it or not, this is the first black leather biker jacket I have ever possessed. I have had other black leather jackets before, but this is the first one featuring the biker style. I know that it’s peek popularity was 2-3 years ago, but it’s on of those eternal fashion pieces that will stay cool forever. It’s timeless, super versatile and absolutely chic.

And the dress… I love, love, love those ruffle details – they are so romantic and feminine. Not to mention I recently bought a blue ruffle button-up shirt. It’s going to be ruffles everywhere this season!

Biker-Jacket-Ruffle-Dress-Mango-Rocker-Chic-Denina-Martin-3 Biker-Jacket-Ruffle-Dress-Mango-Rocker-Chic-Denina-Martin-4 Biker-Jacket-Ruffle-Dress-Mango-Rocker-Chic-Denina-Martin-9 Biker-Jacket-Ruffle-Dress-Mango-Rocker-Chic-Denina-Martin-6 Biker-Jacket-Ruffle-Dress-Mango-Rocker-Chic-Denina-Martin-7 Biker-Jacket-Ruffle-Dress-Mango-Rocker-Chic-Denina-Martin-5 Biker-Jacket-Ruffle-Dress-Mango-Rocker-Chic-Denina-Martin-8

Do you have a black leather jacket in your wardrobe? Do you like such rocker chic stylings? 


Denina ♥




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Thank you for stopping by, ladies! I am extremely happy to hear from you! :)


That outfit looks great on you! I’ve never owned a black leather jacket, haven’t quite found one that suits my style yet. Oh well, maybe one day:)


You are absolutely gorgeous like that chic style and the skirt is DARLING!

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