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Location: “Simid A&D” Bakery, Sofia

I am so happy retro is trendy again. Or at least in my own world of fashion. I’m so attracted by the romantic past. It’s like stealing a pinch of its charm for myself. 90s jeans. Top, watch and bandana from the 60s. Modern, but yet somehow 70s-style sandals. All those matching my romantic soul, which is constantly striving to find new places, where to celebrate those little everyday moments of joy.

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The latest place on my must-visit-more-often list is the Simid A&D Bakery on Shipka street. I love its unpretentious and rustic atmosphere. Charmingly retro spirited. You sit down and you see different people – young, old, mothers with children, businessmen. I love places which remind in what diverse society we live. Honestly, I find it kind of boring to live my days only among similar to me people. It is so much more interesting to see that diversity around me. That’s why such places are much appreciated. For instance, there was this senior person near us who was solving a crossword puzzle. I loved that! Nobody does it anymore but there’s something so charming about it.

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I will surely keep on stealing for myself the charm from the past. Would it be by the way I dress, or the places I go to. I just enjoy it. And I will keep on coming back here, too, whenever it is possible, and will be looking for more places like this. Not because retro is trendy, but because it makes me feel good.

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Little Big shirt 

H&M jeans

INGILIZ sandals

Daniel Wellington watch

Kate Spade bag (alternative)

Bandana (similar)

Valentino sunglasses 

How do you feel about wearing the retro trend and visiting the retro places? :)


Denina ♥


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