20170530 MDL Marella midi summer dress 20170530 MDL Marella midi dress

Location: Brazil

For a long time I have been dreaming about visiting Brazil. To my regret I’m not currently there, even though theoretically I’m on its territory. In fact, this beautiful and neat building is part of the Brazilian Embassy over here. But in no way I would refuse to take a trip to South America. Not at all. I am sure I will love this place too much. Rythmic music, vast beaches, wild nature and bright colors.

I imagine the feeling of taking a breath from the warm and humid air. To walk on the fine sand. To watch a salsa live perfomance or get involved into one. To listen to that Brazilian music which infects with positivism.  Got so dreamy about it…

Details summer chic sunglasses 20170530 Details summer chic Midi dress mdl group

And while Brazil keeps on being as fascinating and enchanting in my mind, I believe and I want to believe I will visit this exotic part of the world soon. Till then I will enjoy summer here. The dresses, I find at Bulgaria Mall. The scarves I tie in my hair. The oversized sunnies and the massive jewelleries. Because summer lives nowhere else but in one’s heart. No matter whether it’s the North or South hemisphere.

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Marella dress (Week & Shop MDL)

Weekend by Max Mara necklace (Week & Shop MDL)

Weekend by Max Mara scarf (Week & Shop MDL)

Furla bag (Week & Shop MDL)

Have you ever been to Brazil? Can you share any impressions?  


Denina ♥

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