Sofia Fashion Week 2016 was a real fashion marathon and choosing appropriate stylish outfits was very crucial to me. In addition to teaming up with H&M, I partnered with another brand that I truly love – multi-brand store Week&Shop MDL.

For the Gala Evening that marked the end of SFW I opted for a classy look featuring clean lines and a mix of prints. Once again demonstrating my love for navy, I combined a MARCCAIN lace dress with two-sided polka dot coat by WEEKEND Max Mara. This print combo made the outfit a lot more playful and interesting. What’s more, the deep shade of dark blue is very treasured by me as navy goes great with a great number of color combos. Here I accessorized with a patent FURLA bag and a bracelet in a red hue to stayed absolutely classy. But think how great it would have looked like with yellow instead? And why not pink or orange? :)

2016-Sofia-Fashion-Week-Denina-Martin-Outfit-MDL-Furla-Marc-Cain-Max-Mara-2 2016-Sofia-Fashion-Week-Denina-Martin-Outfit-MDL-Furla-Marc-Cain-Max-Mara-6 2016-Sofia-Fashion-Week-Denina-Martin-Outfit-MDL-Furla-Marc-Cain-Max-Mara-5 2016-Sofia-Fashion-Week-Denina-Martin-Outfit-MDL-Furla-Marc-Cain-Max-Mara-1 2016-Sofia-Fashion-Week-Denina-Martin-Outfit-MDL-Furla-Marc-Cain-Max-Mara-9 2016-Sofia-Fashion-Week-Denina-Martin-Outfit-MDL-Furla-Marc-Cain-Max-Mara-7 2016-Sofia-Fashion-Week-Denina-Martin-Outfit-MDL-Furla-Marc-Cain-Max-Mara-8

All of the aforementioned items are available at Week&Shop MDL. 

Do you like navy? What are your favorite color combos when it comes to this color? 


Denina ♥