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Two weeks ago we took a walk to Vrana Palace. We do it often as it’s a favorite place of ours. Coolish, peaceful and distant from the noise. Interestingly, we have been there so many times, but somehow have missed the Royal Greenhouse. On this sunny hot day, we saw it – nestled sideways and hiding away its beauty.

King Ferdinand’s greenhouse is more than 100 years old. It has kept plant species since its very foundation, which is truly impressive. On the inside it is extremely humid. Floral harmony is reigning. Only water droplets can be heard, falling heavily on the floor. These plants are like a metaphor – they live isolated from the world in their own harmony and seem to be happy because if they were not there in this place and under these conditions they would never survive.

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Alongside this floral harmony, I once again started dreaming of the many places I want to visit. One of them is Giverny, the home and gardens of Monet. Full of flowers and harmony. Apparently, I’m a great fan of impressionism and its picturesque romance.

Giverny is a beauty full of blooms and French romance – the inspiration of the artist to create so many of his greatest artworks. Ron promised me that on our next trip to Paris, we would go there. And I get more and more impatient, perhaps because Monet always pops out from somewhere to remind me of himself and his paradise. Whether it’s photos or FREYWILLE’s jewelleries – he seems to be chasing me. But until time comes to visit his paradise, I will be glad to use the Royal Greenhouse and the urban botanical garden here in Sofia as my source of inspiration.

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Dress – ZARA (similar here)

Shoes – GIDO (similar here)

Bag – Pepe Jeans London (similar here)

Jewelleries – FREYWILLE – Honfleur Aquamarin


Sunglasses – Nasty Gal


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