Horseback riding country side Denina Martin Horseback riding country side Portrait

At the begining of September we decided to spend some time out of town. As soon as we made up our minds, I typed in Google search “winery with outdoor pool”. SC Trakietz came up. The horse riding facilities were a great plus. So, we headed off just to realize there was no winery. We joked that uncle Google lied to us, but never complained. Even though there was no winery, this place was amazing. A hotel with outdoor pool, mini SPA, fitness and horse riding facilities with high standards.

Alex was incredibly impressed by the horses. He couldn’t stop repeating his own kind of “horse” word. Ron also loved them, but wasn’t keen on horseback riding. In fact, during our three-day stay we realized women were way more interested and passionate for this.

Me – a person who has barely ever had a proper close encounter with a horse – could not complain from a lack of interest in horseback riding. As a start I only did a walk/ride, and then booked a lesson. Did I enjoy it? Absolutely. I loved it. Horseback riding isn’t a piece of cake, but the feeling it leaves you with is fantastic. I felt so stress-free afterwards. Really can’t explain this.

And now, here I am – trying to figure out when and where my next ride would be. Because I definitely want this to continue!

Country Side Trakietz and Denina Martin Trakietz Horseback Riding Country Side Trakietz horses Horseback Riding Country Side Denina Martin Trakietz Trakietz Farm Farm Trakietz Country Side Trakietz Country Side Trakietz Horseback Riding Denina Martin Country Side Portrait of Denina Martin Trakietz Horseback Riding Denina Martin Horseback Riding Denina Martin Trakietz Horseback Riding Country Side Denina Martin Trakietz Horseback Riding Denina Martin Trakietz Horseback Riding Country Side Denina Martin   Denina AlexFamily at Trakietz

Have you ever tried horseback riding? Would you? 


Denina ♥

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