Entering old town of Mdina Mdina Malta

Mdina, the ancient capital of Malta, was the first place we visited when we arrived. We couldn’t take many photos because most of the day it was raining heavily. Plus, in Malta almost everything is closed on Sundays. Fortunately, we did manage to walk around and feel the spirit of this pretty town.

They call Mdina the Silent City and it’s very silent, indeed. Maybe because no cars are allowed there. Only occasionally appearing chariots. Or maybe because just about 300 people populate the ancient Maltese capital. Whatever the reason, Mdina is very magical. Its prettiness is a result of a unusual mix of Norman and Baroque architecture. I personally loved the colorful doors with massive doorhandles, as well as the narrow streets slightly rounded to help stay safe from arrows. Other points of interest in Mdina are the palaces, most of which serve as private homes to noble families’ successors. We ourselves made a visit to Palazzo Falson which let us submerge in that noble way of living and the knight’s life.

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Knock knock Christian Paul Watch Denina Martin exploring Mdina Curve streets of Mdina Curve old street in Mdina Knock knock Christian Paul white watch Old town of Mdina Mdina Old stairways Denina Martin at Mdina town Denina Martin Mdina old building

With this being the last update from our travel diary “Explore Malta”, what part was your favorite? 


Denina ♥

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