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If you are following me on Facebook and Instagram, you most probably know that Ron and I recently came back from a short trip with a mission to explore Malta. A trip we also owe to my beloved friend Silviya, who invited us and was our devoted host and guide. For these less than 4 days we walked a lot and saw a lot, but time wasn’t enough. Well, it turned out Malta has a lot to show, and we tried to capture in photos what Ron and I loved the most.

This little ‘Exploring Malta’ travel diary I decided to start backwards – from the last day of our stay there. Unfortunately, when we arrived the weather was rainy and gloomy. It was the last day when the sun came out properly and let us say “Goodbye, Summer!” with smiley and happy faces.

On the last day we took a risk, and sailed away with a boat to Comino – one of the three Maltese islands. We did take a risk, as we had about 2 hours and a half between our expected arrival back at the port and our flight. For this little amount of time we had to walk back to our apartment, pack our luggage and transport ourselves to the airport. Luckily, we managed!

But prior to that we had the most marvelous day. We saw Malta and the two smaller islands (Comino and Gozo) from a sailor’s viewpoint. Our actual stop was Comino and its famous Blue Lagoon. The latter is well-known for its crystal turquoise waters. It has only two sandy beaches (about 5 meters long each), surrounded by rocks. In fact, that’s a part of what makes Blue Lagoon so unique and beautiful. However, I couldn’t cheat on myself and miss the swimming part. I was as happy as a kid, enjoying every moment in the warm and transparent Mediterranean waters. After spending 4 hours there, we sailed back to see some picturesque caves and bays. But the best thing was the dolphin couple that escorted us back. I told you it was magical. :)

Soon I will be revealing more from our ‘Exploring Malta’ travel diary.

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Have your ever been to Malta? What did you enjoy the most?


Denina ♥

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