6 Habits for success

I often think about the qualities and habits that make us more successful. I am happy to have the opportunity of meeting people with different professional backgrounds. This gives me the opportunity to think and analyze both them and myself. So, based on my impression and experience, I decided to share with you 6 tips for success.


People who can organize their time well are generally more successful. One of the most important things for me is planning my work and responsibilities. Yet, when the child factor is also involved, time planning gets even more seriously needed. I myself have learnt that prioritising is also a precious skill, and you should really pay special attention to these. However, this leads me to another tip…

Tips how to be successful

Take notes

As a person, who often forgets some things, I am completely convinved that taking notes is another precious habit. Could it be your grocery shopping list, or an idea that just stroke you, do write it down.  Fortunately, nowadays we are very much facilitated by electronic devices. There are constantly new offerings to help us organize our lives even better. For instance, if you like the experience of writing things down, but would often lose your notes, you can use a digital pen like Windows Ink to make your everyday tasks easier on a laptop, cell phone or tablet.

How I use windows ink pen Windows ink pen in action

Put on a Super Shield

It may sound funny, but whatever you do, there will always be people who are not happy for you. They will transfer you their negative energy, and you do not need this in your life. So, protect yourself. Avoid such people. Surround yourself with sincere people who would give you the positive vibes. Put on an invisible psychological shield to repel this negative energy and do not think about it.

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It’s an universal truth – no break, no success. As a person who has not a fixed work times and is up and doing workload from 8:00 to 24:00, from Monday to Sunday, I boldly state that this is quite true. In order to get inspiration and desire for work, I have to give myself a good break and rest. Maybe enjoy a movie, or a dessert. Why not experience something exciting and pleasurable. In this way, when I am back to my responsibilities, I feel more motivated to do better.

Business lunch at sasa Radison Windows ink fashion blog

Be Curious

Looking at the curiosity my 3-year-old son Alex has for the world, I begin recall what an incredible quality this is. There is nothing better than a person who wants to learn something new and does not bother to ask a question. Such people always make a great impression. So, when you meet new people, do not be afraid to show your curiosity – within the limits, of course. This will help you become closer with them and open new doors in front of you.

6 Habits to be successful

Be Self-Confident

Self-confidence is a quality that is acquired over time. It is a process. I have been working hard on my own since I started the blog and I still cannot say that I’m happy with myself. I will give you an example from Milan Fashion Week. I met the famous blogger Negin Mirsalehi. We spoke, but I was a bit nervous about myself because I was not in my natural environment. For the first time I am attending a world-class fashion forum and I meet some of the most successful bloggers. Perhaps it was the euphoria to blame. Yet, Negin was she was so calm and self-confident! She inspired and motivated me to work in this direction.

Denina Martin windows ink Peshart Shoes

Shirt – H&M

Skirt – H&M

Bag – Ralph Lauren (I also like this one)

Shoes – PeshArt

Digital Pen – Windows Ink

Place – SASA Asian Pub Radisson, Sofia

Greetings from Milan!

Denina ♥

*In partnership with Microsoft. All opinions are mine.

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