Wearing all the Spring blues these days. I’m sure you all know that blue is my crush color at the moment. Whatever I spot in new collections right now is blue! Like this floral top I recently got from Zara. It wasn’t hard to pull out a favorite go-to outfit with it which will be … Continue Reading


A timeless outfit is one that never looses its popularity and never looks out of date. And that’s exactly the case with the white shirt and blue jeans – the most timeless combination of all. One that you can never go wrong with. My twist on this versatile outfit is a mix of modern, vintage … Continue Reading


You know me and you know how much I love being around the coast. You will not be surprised that one of the places in Málaga, which quickly became my favorite, is Puerto de Malaga and the beautiful lighthouse that rises at a height of 38 meters and marks the city landscape. La Farola is … Continue Reading

L.A. GLOW with Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder

Empowered, beautiful and confident – this is what Victoria Beckham says she aims to make women feel with her Autumn collection for Estée Lauder. And this is exactly how I felt after my make-up session the other day. Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder is a collection which reflects Victoria’s personal beauty vision inspired by her … Continue Reading

Poésie d’amour

Location: Terra Residence, Sofia Two years ago I had the enormous luck to meet Annie – a wonderful person who introduced me to the world of FREYWILLE and their artworks. This is when I fell in love with those jewelleries. And so up to this day. Collection after collection, I’m always “stunned” by their creations. … Continue Reading


Shoulders look best naked. Don’t you think? If there’s one part of my body I love the most, it is shoulders. I really don’t mind showing some from time to time. And even though winter is approaching, I would still do it with this off-shoulder folded wide sweater I got from NA-KD. Speaking of which, I received … Continue Reading