Marshall stanmore speaker
Ikea wireless charger

Our lives have changed a lot in the last few years when it comes to using different devices. And while there are many not worth the investment, there are 4 gadgets I love using personally and certainly recommend.


Ron and I almost never watch TV, unless it’s HBO, NatGeo or Netflix. So, when we are not watching any of these, we are listening to music or podcasts. He was very eager to have a good audio player, so we got a Marshall speaker. I love it because it’s like a jewel fitting perfectly our interior and tastes, too. But mostly, the sound is beyond good. It makes me like my favorite songs even more. That’s why it’s one of my most loved gadgets at home.


Let’s be honest. Most women dislike (if not hate) charging their devices. The whole idea of having to plug your phone somewhere, where usually is super inconvenient… And if somebody calls, you have to make a funny pose in order to take that call. Unless you unplug it, but then, of course, you forget to plug it in again. Because it’s an annoying thing! Well, we solved this problem when we bought a wireless charger, and for me it was a game changer. We’ve installed it in the living room on the TV stand, and it’s super easy to just drop my phone there. If I have to make a call, I just pick it up. If I have to send a text, I have easy access to it. Our charger is Ikea’s because it matched our stand perfectly, but there are many different alternatives like this one 

Important: You have to check whether your phone has a wireless charging options before you buy. 


I love wearing cosy knits but in 99% of cases, I experience fabric pills. So, I bought this Philips fabric shaver to restore my clothes and fabrics to a fresh new look. It is extremely effective in removing any unwanted fuzz, leaving the garments looking like new. 


In September Foreo messaged me offering me to try their Facial clansing brush Foreo Luna Mini 2. I was hooked immediately, because I knew it was a great gadget from my mom – she has it. I also heard good reviews from blogger friend Steffy. Honestly, this gadget was a game changer, too. It eliminates impurities, excessive skin oil and dead skin cells, while gently cleansing the skin. You can cleanse, massage and exfoliate using it, and the results are pretty excellent. My skin feels soft, smooth and healthy. Of course, I’m sure the good results are also thanks to my current beauty routine, which changed about the same time I started using Foreo Luna Mini 2. You can read about it here. 

Philips fabric pills
Foreo face brush beauty

Do you use any of these gadgets in your everyday?


Denina ♥