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Avon mission Y японска козметика

It’s been less than two weeks since I took on a new beauty mission, and set myself a new goal – not just being consistent in my beauty regimen but giving myself a little bit of extra time, doing the things the right way. 

First thing, I switched my entire routine, because I wanted to give a new product series a go (which is also a synonym of a new beauty trend here!). It’s called Mission Y by Avon, and has been super popular in Japan for so many years in a row. But since it just enters the European market for the first time, I had no idea it has existed for so long! 

A few words on J-skincare…

For those who are not that well aware, (I wasn’t myself before!) the Japanese skincare routine is becoming a major beauty trend even surpassing its sister – Korean beauty. And this is for quite a good reason, in my opinion. Japanese women look so well no matter their age. It may be their genes, but scientists are saying it has something to do with the way they treat their skin. In fact, Japanese women pick their cosmetic products very carefully, and usually look for that brightening effect. They believe in the emphasis on natural-looking, healthy & glowy skin, so their routines consist of a well-planned rituals in not less than 4 steps. I also heard that they spend on average 45 minutes taking care of their face every night, but this is too big of a goal for me!

However, by becoming introduced to Mission Y and the whole J-beauty trend, I realised that it was not just the consistency in applying face creams day and night. There was something more to their beauty secret. Japanese women would actually put effort, time & a good number of quality products into their skincare routine. In other words, they cleanse, hydrate, nourish and re-nourish, all that mixed with massaging. 

Interestingly, I never thought about the necessity of massaging my skin. I always knew that I should use good products, and be consistent, but never thought about the importance of helping those ingredients penetrate into my skin! So, yes – I changed my entire routine turning it into a whole new ritual. 

Speaking of ingredients…

Mission Y  is just what a Japanese woman would look for into a product when it comes to ingredients. Natural derivatives, antioxidants and such that help the skin self-regenerate. Yeast is one of them. It helps hydrate, balance the skin, improve its complexion and texture.

Lactobacillus filtrate is also a key ingredient. It helps regenerate the hydro-lipid barrier, maintains oxygen efficiency, and can promote the production of collagen. It acts as a probiotic. Additionally, there are ingredients like salts which naturally exists in the hydro-lipid barrier, and act as hydrating agent. The pomegranate anti-oxidant extract which helps restore skin and regenerate it after exposure to sun. Chicory root extract, which is an antioxidant, soothing and providing anti-inflammatory and anti-wrinkle effect, and others. 

Here’s how the skincare ritual goes every morning and every evening…

step 1 cleanse
Avon cleansing foam

Cleansing is the first and most important step in every skincare routine. No matter if it’s Japanese or not. Many of us live in big cities, where the biggest enemy of the younger looking skin is the polluted air. The Mission Y Cleansing Foam is very gentle, and has a cream-texture. It dissolves the make-up, sebum and dirt, to leave the skin like a clean canvas.

Avon почистваща пяна
Avon mission ritual beauty
step 2 hydtare
Avon lotion

What does skin usually crave the most? Hydration. So, here comes the hydrating lotion, which is the  absolute best-seller in Japan. In fact, they have calculated somehow, that one is sold every 2 minutes. I apply 2 to 3 drops of it on my face with gentle massaging movements, straight after cleansing my face with the gentle foam. The product penetrates quickly into the skin, providing deep hydration.

Avon mission lotion beauty blog
Avon Mission lotion
step 3 nourish
Avon milk

Then comes the Mission Y Milk Essence. For some reason, milk toners lost their popularity in Europe in the recent years. I haven’t used one for ages, but I enjoy having it back into my routine, as it feels like a good nourishment step. It also feels very soothing for the skin.

Avon milk ritual
Avon beauty blogger Denina Maritn
step 4 protect
Avon mission cream

And last but not least, comes the face cream. It is very rich in consistency, and acts not just as an additional nourishment, but also as a protection, as it creates an invisible film over the skin that seals in all the benefits of the previous 3 steps. It’s like the last step that would guard us from the aggressors in our city environment.

Avon cream mission ritual
Avon cream mission Y

Avon Mission Y ritual

However, since I just started this routine, I will share my impressions and if I have noticed change in my skin on a later stage. This was just an introduction to J-skincare, why I started this program, and the step I follow in my routine at the moment.


Denina ♥

*In collaboration with AVON. All opinions are strictly mine.


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