One of the oldest landmarks in Sofia, which can be visited today, is the St. George Rotunda. Situated in the very heart of the capital city, just a few meters lower than the modern streets, it is part of our roman heritage. Believed to have been a residency of emperors Galerius and Constantine the Great, the rotunda itself dates back to 4th century AD. The ancient monument carries an incredible historical spirit, bringing a magnificent sense of eternity and antiquity. And to be honest, it is a noble feeling to walk down a street that is around 2000 years old – a reason good enough to do it properly dressed!DSC_1684-2DSC_1675-3 DSC_1639-2 DSC_1661-2 DSC_1703-2 DSC_1642-2

This time I am wearing a military dress, which gently wraps around my baby bump. To match the block heel sandals I have accessorized it with a leather strap wrapped around my wrist. The best part of the outfit, or at least my favorite, is the cuff earring I bought from H&M two weeks ago. Unfortunately, I could not get a link to it. However, I did manage to find a similar one for you, which can be seen below.

The Recreated Look: 


MANGO Tencel Dress in Khaki

Cara Crystal Ear Cuff and Stud Earring 

Oasis Black Enamel Dome Multipack Bangles

New Look Vamp Block Heeled Sandals 

Doroteia Clutch Bag

Thanks for reading and see you soon!

Denina Martin



You look amazing, that dress goes really well with your eyes! Heels are superb!

xx Edina

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Thank you for the kind words, Edina and Debbie :)


You look gorgeous! :)



Thank you, girls! :))


Gorgeous, love the color.

Lots of love.


stunning photos, i love these sandals!

mon |


You look perfect! Love the wrap dress.

Jules x


просто сияеш, Дени :))


Благодаря, Тони :*

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