Warm knitwear, cosy hats, lights and decorations – it’s Christmas time. I tend to be very sentimental and all those holiday themed things really make me feel great. Especially when there’s music involved! (FYI: Listening to Wham!’s Last Christmas while writing this, and looking through our Vienna diaries from this time last year here.) However, when … Continue Reading


Wearing a cape is a stylish moment which used to be really big during AW15. However, this type of outerwear looks so chic that it can barely go out of fashion. I always admire women who’d wear a cape. They look confident and bold. They stand out. Like super women who are well aware of their fabulous looks. … Continue Reading


Military green is a key color trend for Autumn/Winter 2016. If you like it, but want to avoid overdoing it, inserting just small notions of it is a great idea. Right as I have done for this autumn look. When you want to wear a color that you don’t typically do, first comes up what to mix … Continue Reading


Life is too short to wear boring dresses, they say. And how can I not agree? When I saw this ruffle dress at Bulgaria Mall’s Catty, I immediately fell for it. As someone who treasures everything chic, the combination of ruffles and lace seemed the prettiest. Even though you might associate ruffles with a childhood … Continue Reading


  The chances for attending some sort of a celebration in May are quite big. Would it be a prom-related occasion, wedding or anything else, the season of festive moments is open and a new dress is always a good idea. This week’s featured item is а stylish and chic bell dress from Bulgaria Mall’s … Continue Reading


After saying officially Goodbye to winter, I really need to feel the difference properly. In contrast to last week’s retro mood (here and here), this week I’m in a mood for Spring Brights. Eye-catchy, statement colors that lift me up – all I need right now. This outfit features 3 bold colors – azure blue, … Continue Reading