20170511 Retro Vero moda look

“This is purely me!

That’s what first came to my mind when I dressed up like this. And honestly, if I have to pick one outfit which represents me, this one here will top up the list, for sure.

Every single detail is just perfect in my eyes. Summery stripes, linen in soft and natural hues, oversized earrings, a gold bracelet, a tan handbag, raffia wedges – all these gave me such a good dose of self-confidence. And then I think – how much important it is to wear what you love and recognize yourself in. It goes beyond – gives you freedom to enjoy the moment. You are comfortable. Satisfied. Ready to conquer the world, as they say.

Please, do wear what you really like and makes you happy. You’ll see yourself changing in a good way, I’m sure. Next time you go shopping, simply ask yourself: “Is this purely me?”. And let it be purely you. You must be you. Everyone else is already taken. :)

In regards to me, I already discovered for myself that this season I will be happy in summery stripes, linen and soft natural hues.

20170511 Debenhams Bulgaria Mall 20170511 Debenhams Vero moda Vero moda skirt top Retro look Bulgaria Mall Fashion blogger wearing vero moda Моден блогър България Vero moda Debenhams Bulgaria Vero moda fashion blogger20170511 Vero moda look Vero moda 2017 Retro vero moda look Денина Мартин Vero moda 2017

Wearing: VERO MODA Top & Skirt (at Debenhams) / PARFOIS Sunglasses (at Pronta) / PRONTA Bracelet & Earrings

All of the aforementioned are available at Bulgaria Mall.

What styles and types of clothing make you feel like yourself? Have you discovered what your signature pieces are? 


Denina ♥



Love the mix of stripes with these two pieces together! And I whole heartedly agree. I’ve always said fashion is my kind of art. Make it how you love it and what you see as beautiful!


Exactly, Kristina! :)

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