Smells like Spells aroma sticks

I recently discovered this brand called SMELLS LIKE SPELLS, which does natural home fragrances or as they describe it “magical fragrance recipes for the home”. I really liked the concept because it seems to be a very ethical brand with focus on sustainability, too. They use essential oils only and are focused on aromatherapy and home energy improvement. Since I was looking for new aroma candles and aroma diffusers, I ordered three different products to try them out, with the idea that they will be safe for the baby, too.

Also, I really like that this brand incorporates messages and idea behind their products! They make great gift ideas as well for that very reason!

Home Perfume Hag

This perfume is built with essential oils, natural resins and fragrance oils. No alcohol is used, so the fragrance is slowly released and lasts longer. Also no synthetic fiber sticks are used. Only rattan which is a naturally renewable palm.

The aroma itself reveals subtle spicy notes of pink pepper and benzoin resin, reminding of vanilla, which later are replaced by rich and noble fragrance of ambergris and little secrets of the formula. The home fragrance is built with the idea of purification – it will remove negative emotions, absorb the negative energy of evil eye, ill wishes and curses, and cleanse the home’s energy field. Which I really like. I can’t tell it is very strong – it’s more like a gentle addition to a room.

Candle Norse Magic Frigga

Frigga is a wonderful scent! Very natural and calming. It’s a handmade soy-wax aromatic candle to those who seek for cosiness and warmth of the family hearth, who protect their home and family like the apple of their eye, whose home is their fortress. Also, it has a wooden wick which crackles as it burns.

This candle and a simple meditation/affirmation ritual might help to create harmony at home and among the family members, protect your home form anger, protect your home and family members form uninvited guests and their evil thoughts and bring prosperity and financial wealth.

In Norse mythology Frigga, the chief god Odin’s wife, is the goddess of household. She is the ideal guardian and keeper of the home’s hearth, the only one who is allowed by her husband to sit in his throne and look out over the whole world.

In fact, this whole idea with the scent bringing a message made it easier for me to pick!

Smells like Spells notino candle
Smells like spells candle

Candle Major Arcana The Chariot

Okay, this candle collection definitely makes a difference! It consists of hand-made candles based on the 22 cards of the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck (Latin arcānus – mystery). These 22 cards can be interpreted as a person’s spiritual path from birth to perfection.

The candle marked with number 7 of the Major Arcana – The Chariot. It is the archetype of strong will and control. The path chosen is undeniably successful, the right decisions are made and the right direction is taken, but in order to achieve victory it is necessary to hold the reins firmly. Hold on to your path and don’t give in to emotions, act and reach for your goals – you will succeed! The Chariot does not carry you on a journey around the globe in search for yourself, it simple takes you from A to B. You know the destination, therefore don’t look around.

Included with this candle there also is one of the 22 Major Arcana cards, which, together with The Chariot, may suggest how and at what level the archetype of The Chariot manifests itself in your life. Suggested affirmations and the magical helichrysum, mimosa, orchid, coriander seeds, pine, oriental spices, myrrh, ambergris fragrance may help to hold on to your path and don’t give in to emotions, act and reach for your goals.

P.S.: My card was The Wheel of Fortune and there is also a list on what it means when you get this particular combination. As well as the affirmation you should repeat to achieve balance. I love this whole idea since it makes you excited on what will be hidden inside!