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If you can’t go to Venice now, you can always have it in your heart and in your hand, too.

Furla recently released its SS18 Cruise Collection inspired by the most enchanting locations in Venice. The collection is a balanced combination of tradition and innovation, as the city itself – rich in history but at the same time with an eye towards the future. And because Venice is also known as ‘La Serenissima’ (‘the most serene republic’), the Cruise Collection is called Furla Serenissima and is now available at the Furla stores, Week & Shop MDL and shop.mdl.bg.

The SS18 Cruise Collection is a refined mix of timeless glamour: classic brocades match with floral patterns, frescoes and tapestries are represented, too; geometrical elegant patterns recall the flooring of the Palaces with marquetry designs and mosaic marble. It pays homage to Venice’s timeless beauty, the charm of its architecture and all the colors painting the town’s charisma. A collection which goes beyond just a single a theme.

Max Mara fashion blogger DM Furla Cruise collection metropolis Toni Vaniglia Furla Cruise collection Toni Vaniglia print Blogger favorite Furla handbag

Look 1

Coat, Jumper, Trousers & Scarf – Max Mara

Bag – Furla Metropolis S Toni Vaniglia (SS18 Cruise Collection)

And then the Furla Society has formed…

Lead by that very variety of designs, my favorite Italian brand created “The Furla Society,” which features six different mini-collections to represent women’s unique personalities starring in the Cruise Collection. Pitone’s World. Nuvola’s World. Arabesque’s World. Jungle Cat World. Aruba’s World. Fiorita’s World. Despite the fact all these 6 worlds are very different, I feel like I cannot belong to just one. I can see myself in a couple of FS personality types. For the most part, I would say I’m the  confident, worldly wise and sophisticated Fiorita. But then the sweet and innocent Nuvola would take over, sometimes giving way to the mysterious and complex Arabesque. And truly, there are times when I feel like Aruba – bold, vibrant and adventurous.

And after thinking through all those women types, I realise that the more we try to find a stereotype to fit into, the more we find our true selves. It is impossible to to classify a woman’s complex and multi-layered feminine essence in just a single type. She’s more than that. So listen to your inner voice and do what it tells you to do. Search for your true self. Express yourself. Experiment.

Max Mara blogger Denina Martin Furla Nuvola handbag Furla embassador Nuvola cruise collection My favorite Furla Nuvola handbagBlogger Furla Nuvola street styleFashion blogger wearing Max Mara Furla Nuvola Cruise collection

Look 2

Dress & Collar – Max Mara

Bag – Furla Nuvola (SS18 Cruise Collection)


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