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Tom-Tailor retro shirt sweater 60s

Mixing and matching is a wardrobe art-form. But it takes courage, time and understanding to master it. Look at it as if it’s a cocktail and you are the bartender. You need to be brave and add the ingredients that will result in the perfect combination to tickle the senses. Because if you are not, you will most likely impress nobody.

Many people are too conservative or shy when it comes to mixing their daily cocktails a.k.a. outfits. That’s why they match. But what if you find your own balance, and try mixing instead? I don’t want you to go too further. Maybe I myself wouldn’t. But why not try clashing big and small prints? You can experiment with different colors, or opt for a certain color palette to feel more harmonious – like I did. In this single outfit I mixed a bold birdie print (the shirt), large stripes (the sweater on my shoulders) and tiny polka dots (on my trousers – similar). And it feels harmonious, right? The result is mixing with a dash of matching that looks great – because you are still somehow safe within your comfort zone, but have nevertheless made a step further than your normal You.

Final tip: If you are up for this challenge, try mixing polka dots & stripes. Or go for tiny vs. large prints to make one whole. And why not try mixing animal prints? Experiment – it’s the right season to do it. :) 

Tom Tailor retro look
Denina Martin retro look
Denina Martin 60s

Blouse, Jumper & Trousers – Tom Tailor

Sunglasses – MANGO

Bag – Kate Spade


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*In collaboration with Tom Tailor. All opinions are mine.


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