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Yesterday I popped up to DEBENHAMS for a make-up session with COLLISTAR to test out their products. For those of you who haven’t heard of COLLISTAR, it’s an Italian beauty brand with background dating back to 1983. They offer products from skincare and body care, through sunscreens and tanning products to make-up and hair treatments. What’s really nice about it is it’s a great mix of quality, beauty and attention to price, turning it into a high-end yet affordable brand. In fact, COLLISTAR’s philosophy is “Beauty that is always at the forefront but at affordable prices.” So, if you need quality without spending too much cash, this could be a great match for your preferences. In Bulgaria it is only available at DEBENHAMS Beauty in Bulgaria Mall.

Bellow you’ll see my feminine and soft make-up with COLLISTAR in shades of pink that are so this season.

debenhams-beauty-make-up-denina-martin-1 debenhams-beauty-make-up-denina-martin-4 debenhams-beauty-make-up-denina-martin-7Debenhams Beauty Bulgaria Mall Denina MartinMakeup session with Collistar Debenhams Bulgaria Mall Denina MartinMakeup session with Collistar Debenhams Bulgaria Mall Denina Martin debenhams-beauty-make-up-denina-martin-10 debenhams-beauty-make-up-denina-martin-11

COLLISTAR Foundation + Concealer Perfection Duo / COLLISTAR Silk Effect Compact Powder / COLLISTAR Gloss Design / COLLISTAR Silk Effect Maxi Blusher / COLLISTAR Silk Effect Eye Shadow / COLLISTAR Professional Eye Pencil

This Spring/Summer 2015 on top of trends are no-makeup looks, eyeliner simplicity and poppy eyeshadows in fresh colors. The latter I explored yesterday at the make-up session with COLLISTAR by revisiting feminine pinks. For eyes we’ve used silk effect eyeshadow in frilly fuchsia. What I fancy about it is it covers the eye lid like a second skin, keeping it soft and smooth. Lips were volumized and repulped with Gloss Design lip gloss in ice pearl, which instantly added soft brilliance to my lips. In regards to foundation, concealer and blusher, the only things I can say is they feel great on the skin and have excellent coverage. Overall, this beauty brand offers really nice make-up products, especially for the fans of natural, fresh and yet glittery looks.

COLLISTAR beauty products are available at DEBENHAMS in Bulgaria Mall.

Have you ever used COLLISTAR’s beauty products? Would love to hear your opinion in the comments bellow! 


Denina ♥

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