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Even though most people are cautious when it comes to wearing light tones for winter, I myself am very keen on it. It’s one of my favorite ways to make a statement. In no way do I feel inappropriate. And you shouldn’t, too, because it does look great! Everyone wears the all-black look, but not many experiment with light tones. It’s a good starting point to motivate yourself into trying something new. :)

Today’s look is inspired by Italian fashion and the AW17 Collection of favorite brand PennyBlack. Excellent example of how I love to wear light tones in town. A look which embraces a lovely cold beige  alpaca coat and trousers, combined with a dash of light blue striped shirt. And all this finished by the cutest faux fur clutch. I also enjoy the discrete mix of vertical stripes (the shirt) and horizontal stripes (the bag). It adds a fashion-forward twist to the overall look.

How do you feel about wearing light tones in winter? Do you dare or not? 

Pennyblack complete outfit Pennyblack Mohair alpaca coat Blogger wearing pennyblack outfit Pennyblack chic style look Pennyblack Mini bag with plush flap Wearing pennyblack outfit Pennyblack bloggerPennyblack-flowing lined blouse cozy coat

Alpaca CoatPennyBlack



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Faux Fur BagPennyBlack



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