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My favorite philips sublime ends flat iron

I often get asked by you about my hair. Most of you are interested whether I do the stylings for photoshoots myself. The answer is yes. Those discreet natural curls which I love so much are made by me. To answer the question “How”, I have teamed up Philips to bring you my tips. Tips that hopefully will be useful for you during the ongoing festive season.

When I curl my hair, almost every time I use a flat iron. It is the easiest way to achieve the look I aim for and most importantly – the styling holds longer. This is something very crucial to me, as my hair is heavy and hold is always an issue. Here’s a quick guide with my tips.

Philips sublime ends flat iron review Philips sublime ends flat iron

Firstly, I make sure my hair is completely dry. The smallest amount of moisture is an enemy to the long lasting hairdo. Then I comb through and apply a heat protectant. When I am not in a rush I also divide my hair into two parts – securing the upper part, and working on the lower locks first. Speaking of which, depending on what curls I want to achieve, I alternate the locks’ thickness. Meaning the thicker the hair lock, the looser the curl.

Then, two inches away from the root, I start pulling with the flat iron outwards, slightly curling the hair strand until I reach close to the tip. I wind it around the flat iron as if it’s a curling iron, always pulling slightly. I hold a little bit and release. Immediately after that I twist each lock into its curling direction to add more definition and hold.

However, to me tips look much more natural when curled, even though most stylist don’t recommend this. Yet, I still do it. That’s where Philips Sublime Ends comes right.

Philips sublime ends flat iron review 2016 Philips sublime ends flat iron review-by DM

The flat iron I have used to achieve this hair style is Philips Sublime Ends. It features a technology called Split Stop which lowers the amount of split ends with up to 95%. What’s more this flat iron has ceramic moving plates which guard the hair from breaking, as well as an UniTemp sensor. The latter helps get the same results with a 20 ° C lower heat setting. With the addition of a promised ion feeding, the healthy shine locks, making me feel less guilty for heat treating my hair.

And because I really love Philips Sublime Ends, soon we will be giving away one flat iron in an Instagram contest. Follow me on @deninamartin

Philips sublime ends flat iron review by Denina Martin Results of Philips sublime ends flat iron My Philips sublime ends flat iron

How do you style your hair with a flat iron? Are you used to curling it? 


Denina ♥

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