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Christmas collection benetton set

Gifting is one of the most wonderful things when it comes to Christmas. I love giving presents to loved ones and seeing them smile openly and sincerely. But it’s also a tough job to pick the right gifts. It is, indeed.

However, if you are a sentimental type like me and love everything cute, Benetton’s Christmas Collection will most probably solve many of your gift problems. It’s a whole range of themed items with two main sub-themes – animals and Pinocchio. The range includes pajamas, socks, soft blankets, cases, slippers, towels and more. All of them will surely excite smiles on the faces of loved ones’, because they did on ours.

Christmas family collection benetton mdl Christmas collection benetton mdl Christmas gifts from benetton mdl

Have you noticed the theme Ron, Alex and I enjoy the most? Yes – the animal theme, because of the cute little foxes covering everything.  Alex himself is always impressed by animals and I find it so adorable. He’s also very funny when playing puppet theater games with socks. So, there’s no need to tell what he loved the most. :)

Christmas time with Benetton Cozy christmas time benetton mdl Family time wtih benetton christmas collection

The blanket range from Benetton’s Christmas Collection is also worth mentioning. If you fancy the idea of gifting warmth, then you need to check them out. The tartan blanket is my favorite one, by the way! So are the fluffy slippers. In fact, I tend to leave my slippers all around the house (I know, it’s a bad habbit…), so the shoe-like slippers are just perfect for me. They would hardly slip from my feet, wouldn’t they? ♥

Christmas collection benetton mdl 2016 Christmas collection Benetton 2016 Cozy Christmas collection benetton mdl Love christmas collection benetton mdl Denina Martin christmas collection benetton mdl Cozy Christmas with Benetton Family time christmas collection benetton mdl

And since Christmas is all about family and reminding ourselves what really matters, do try to make memories with your loved ones this holiday season. Make them happy and feel loved, because feelings remain and will be remembered. Happy Holidays!

Benetton’s Christmas Collection is now shopable online at Shop MDL and in store.

What do you think about Benetton’s Christmas Collection? What do you like the most about it? 


Denina ♥ 

*Photos have been taken at Vitosha Academy

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