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Denina Martin at Sasa Asian Pub Sasa cooler

Brunches have become very popular in the last couple of years, and I am quite enjoying this lifestyle trend. But it’s not just because it’s trendy. I find brunching a lovely and very  casual way to catch up with friends whilst enjoying good food. It’s just a thing I love to do.

Recently, Ron and I have been brunching at SASA Asian Pub which just opened it’s second restaurant nearby. We are both huge fans of  Asian cuisine, and we love to experiment with new tastes, and this place has a lot to offer. By the way, during one of our recent visits we discovered the ubiquitous taste of butter corn bites and summer rolls with salmon. We are such foodies!

Sasa Asian pub Paradise mallSasa cooler drink Denina Martin at SASA Denina Martin Furla Linda handbag Sasa asian foodSASA spring salmon rolls SASA Salmon spring rolls Denina Martin at SASA asian pub Denina Martin Sasa asian bar Clarks shoes lash

However, some of you would wonder how to dress up for a brunch appropriately. I believe that for a brunch one needs to feel comfortable. So, anything casual and comfy is a great fit. I myself opted for a very basic outfit with statement accessories like the Furla bag Santa recently brought me. In fact, did you also notice the cute leopard shoe accents? They are an out-of-the-box accessory by a Bulgarian brand called LASH. It produces a variety of these in different colors, and I find them very cute and attractive.

Furla LInda handbag Clarks shoes lash SASA Asian wall

How would you dress up for a brunch? 


Denina ♥

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