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A few days are left till Christmas. Lights and decorations are making me feel it even more. How much I love that time of the year! And how beautiful it would be if it was snowy! I’m really wishing on this now…

With or without snow, Christmas remains my favorite holiday. When I was little, I loved it mainly because of the presents I would get. Now, I appreciate it for the romantic mood it gives me and for gifting those I love. I’ve started enjoying the feeling of gifting so much more than the feeling of being gifted. No better thing than seeing someone smiling upon receiving a present. Luckily, I’m 90% ready with Christmas shopping. However, if you’re not, you could pop to Bulgaria Mall and find some of the gift ideas I have collected for HER, for HIM, and for the Children in the past few weeks.

Speaking of this, my Christmas outfit is inspired by the whole gifting thing. Dressed up in a little red dress with a bow detail from Bulgaria Mall’s Catty, I totally feel appropriate for the festive season. Red is making it all so perfect, isn’t it? :)

Christmas-Gift-Red-Dress-Catty-Bulgaria-Mall-3 Christmas-Gift-Red-Dress-Catty-Bulgaria-Mall-8 Christmas-Gift-Red-Dress-Catty-Bulgaria-Mall-7 Christmas-Gift-Red-Dress-Catty-Bulgaria-Mall-4 Christmas-Gift-Red-Dress-Catty-Bulgaria-Mall-6

[red_button url=”#” style=”grey” size=”small” type=”square” target=”_blank”] CATTY Dress [/red_button] [red_button url=”#” style=”grey” size=”small” type=”square” target=”_blank”] PRONTA Bag [/red_button] [red_button url=”#” style=”grey” size=”small” type=”square” target=”_blank”] PRONTA Bracelet [/red_button] [red_button url=”#” style=”grey” size=”small” type=”square” target=”_blank”] PRONTA Ring [/red_button]

All of the aforementioned items are available at Bulgaria Mall.

Bulgaria Mall and I are wishing all the happiness, joy and love to you and your families. Let this Christmas be magical for all of us! :) 


Denina ♥

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