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Zadig & Voltaire Rocker Chic Fragrance Zadig & Voltaire Rocker Chic Fragrance

There are these fragrances that capture you in just a second. The moment you feel them – you love them. This was the case with me when I first got close to This is HER! and This is HIM! by Zadig & Voltaire.

French rock and free spirit. It’s the simplest way to explain the character behind Zadig & Voltaire. For those of you who have not heard of the brand, it’s a ready-to-wear French label. Its signature style includes jeans, boots and leather jackets. Style that has gained it a solid reputation for accessibility, high quality, and a new meaning for ‘luxury’.

This French free spirit is now sealed in a bottle. One for HIM and one for HER. Fragrances leaving behind a trail of fragrant Parisian artistic life. Two distinctive aromas reflecting two different personalities that complete each other perfectly. Just like the seemingly broken bottles in black and white.

This is HER


A woody floral fragrance – a bouquet of Arabian jasmine, decorated with pink pepper, seasoned with chestnut and vanilla. And at the heart of it all stands Zadig & Voltaire‘s signature – sandalwood. The result is a confident, irresistable and unpredictable woman.

This is HIM


Woody oriental flavor, seasoned with incense, grapefruit and pepper. Also based on sandalwood, supplemented by half-vanilla, half-incense. The result is a masculine and modern sensuality.

As much as I want to explain these two fragrances and make more sense to you, I know I can’t. Fragrances can only be experienced and I would encourage you to give yourself this experience. You don’t need to be a rock fan to recognize yourself in Zadig & Voltaire. You only need to free your spirit and senses.

In Bulgaria Zadig & Voltaire‘s fragrances can be found at Notos Galleries.

Zadig & Voltaire Rocker Chic FragranceZadig & Voltaire Fragrance Zadig & Voltaire Rocker Chic FragranceZadig & Voltaire Rocker Chic Fragrance Zadig & Voltaire

This is HER! / This is HIM!

Have you ever tried Zadig & Voltaire’s fragrances? 


Denina ♥

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