Yellow is my color

A scientific study has concluded that yellow increases serotonin levels, affecting our mood, memory, sleep, appetite etc. in a rather positive way. Interestingly, it may also speed up the metabolism. And lift up the mood to people surrounding us! Some suggest that shades of yellow are often worn by active and creative people, too. So, in my eyes, yellow now seems even brighter and happier!

In fact, one of the key colors this season that adds both positivity and brightness to our days is yellow. The specific shade that is particularly trendy is marigold yellow (just like my headband here), but I feel all shades  are a great fit. From pale to neon, I see so many of these around, and they all look fantastic.

mixing yellow with blue denim
pleated style dress
Pleated yellow dress
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Since yellow does reflect lots of light, it makes sense why it inspires good mood and positivity. It is a statement-maker, an eye-catcher and a head-turner. This yellow pleated dress is a proof. So, please get rid off with the stigma that yellow doesn’t look good on you. Firstly, it does depend on the shade. And secondly, if it makes you feel happy, it could never look bad. :)

H&M calling summer outfit
H&M top to bottom

Yellow Dress – H&M at Bulgaria Mall – 34.99 EUR

Denim Jacket – H&M at Bulgaria Mall – sold out

Bag – H&M at Bulgaria Mall – 9.99 EUR

Headband – H&M at Bulgaria Mall – 7.99 EUR

Earrings – H&M at Bulgaria Mall – 9.99 EUR

Rings – H&M at Bulgaria Mall – 7.99 EUR


Denina ♥

*In collaboration with Bulgaria Mall. All opinions are mine.