Support women diagnosed with Breast Cancer by purchasing the pink product series from AVON From-love-to-life-Avon-2

When I blogged about the Breast Cancer Awareness initiative this Tuesday and my support for it, AVON decided to reach out. They asked me if I could also share with you the specific way you can help those over 46 000 Bulgarian women diagnosed with the disease. For me believing in a cause means supporting it as much as you can, so I couldn’t say no.

This here is for all of you who also believe in this cause and are ready to get involved more or less. If you feel you need to help, you can do it by purchasing the pink products from AVON’s campaign “With Love to Life”, as I have stated previously. It could be a heart necklace or a set of earrings, or maybe any other product of the series. It’s up to you what to choose or how many of them. One thing you need to know is that 100% of the profit will go to “One in 8” Foundation and all those women in Bulgaria that are going through this hardship. More details around the initiative can be found find here.

Here comes the question “Why should I do this?”. To help is a personal choice. Your decision what or who to support is also a personal choice. I support this cause, while you could choose another one, without having to go for every single intitative you come across. The most important thing is not to forget that helping makes us people; that occasionally you should put yourself in other people’s shoes, because each of us can be reached by the misfortune.

From-love-to-life-Avon-3With Love to Life - AVON and Denina Martin

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P.S.: The cup will go on sale from 12th Nov this year. 

Thank you all who are ready to join us in this cause! For someone it means a lot…


Denina ♥



Incredible quest there. What occurred after? Good luck!


Wow, what a touching post. Really beautiful.

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