Denina Martin Bulgaria Mall
Denina Martin floral shirt

If you are a trouser-lover, one worthy investment you can make this Summer are white wide leg trousers, because they work for almost every occasion. They look elegant, and are ideal for the office. Not to mention that they can also fit perfectly into a night outfit, or be a good pick for that wedding you don’t know what to wear at. White wide leg trousers can truly get you covered for pretty much every occasion, and are the breeziest option for those hot days. And for some reason, they always remind me of Amal Clooney. Maybe because I’ve seen how she wears them, and she’s a total symbol of a classy woman.

Denina Martin Esprit
Denina-Martin Esprit Bulgaria Mall
Denina Martin gorgeous hair
Esprit Bulgaria Mall 20180712

Trousers – Epsprit, Bulgaria Mall

Blouse – Esprit, Bulgaria Mall

Bag – Pronta, Bulgaria Mall


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