July 22, 2023

15 years later we got married.

15 years and two children later. It’s crazy how much time has passed since we met. And how many things have happened. But I am beyond grateful because despite everything we stayed together. And we still want to be together.

Many people ask me why we decided to get married now – after so many years of being together. Truth is we always wanted to do this. But I got pregnant at 21 and did not want to be a pregnant bride. Then, we were not in the best position to do it – financially. Then, we had other (business) priorities. Then, we had Boyana. And just like that 15 years have passed.

We wanted to have a wedding that celebrates us and one that will be all about having fun sharing the joy with the people we love and cherish. And we did it. Now we have one great memory which we also shared with our children.

Follow along as I share more details about the wedding in the following posts.

P.S.: Thank you Dimitri Stefanov for the amazing photos.