A few years ago I was very sceptic about H&M’s beauty products. They seemed a bit low in quality, but this year something big happened. So, here I am, where beauty meets H&M, and surprisingly quality has its place there, too.

H&M recently launched their Beauty Collection on the Bulgarian market. Testing it out was quite interesting for me, because packaging was making me feel optimistic about the products. Interestingly, this feeling was right.

H&M’s Beauty Collection for Autumn/Winter 2015 features both dramatic dark shades and some perfect neutrals, while having something very fash about it. Here are my thoughts and experiences as follow:

1. First product to try was the face powder in Olive. I was pleased with its nice texture. It appeared as if there’s nothing on my face, while still reducing the extra glow of the skin. The matte look was more than natural.

2. Third came in the eye shadow palette. Nine irresistible shades that go so well with each other! The warm hues of brown, honey, gold, copper, and light beige are pretty much all you need this season for both day and night looks. Maybe that’s the thing which won over me here – how universal and multipurpose the palette is. Not to mention its excellent eye-lid coverage. Ready. Set. Glow.

3. Second on the line was the blusher in Sunrise Pink. Same as the face powder, it was very delicate. What stood out the most was its refreshing chic scent. One can scarcely find a blusher that smells so lovely!

4. And lastly, the lipstick in Purple Reign– creamy and color saturated, it turned out to be a nice option to go for, too. One thing I love about those rich and creamy lipsticks is that you can control the amount of color. I myself kept it natural here, but if you want to go bold and be on top of trends, it’s the right lipstick to achieve the dramatic look.


H&M Face Powder  / H&M Eye Shadow Palette  / H&M Blusher / H&M LipstickSet of Brushes (Similar)

Have you already tried any products from H&M Beauty? What are your impressions? 


Denina ♥

Thank you H&M for giving me the opportunity to test these products.