Denina-Martin wearing Pepe Jeans
Denina Martin light blues

Now that the heat wave is back, it’s time to get prepared for it. What I usually wear for the Summer heat is easy-breezy & bohemian style clothes. This means lots of cotton like here, as well as linen and other natural fabrics. I would also pull out a basket bag, because leather versions can feel heavy and warm me up when the thermometer goes high.

As we are now getting ready for a short holiday coming up, I’m loading my suitcase with pieces like these.  And with that rainy July we had, I’m so much looking forward to August which promises to be hot & sunny. I guess we all hope it would be!

Denina Martin hot summer
Light denim look
My Pepe Jeans look
Denim look hot summer
Off the shoulder top
Pepe jeans denim shorts

Top – Pepe Jeans, Fusion, Bulgaria Mall

Shorts – Pepe Jeans, Fusion, Bulgaria Mall

Basket Bag – Pepe Jeans, Fusion, Bulgaria Mall


Denina ♥

*In collaboration with Bulgaria Mall. All opinions are mine.


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