my look for an autumn wedding
autumn wedding

Most weddings usually take place in Summer, and it feels much easy to dress up. This year for the first time I went to a wedding in November – my friend Alice’s. Here’s what I wore to an Autumn wedding:

what i wore for an autumn wedding
wedding in style


For this wedding I decided to put on a calf-length satin skirt instead of a dress. I think it’s a good idea because it feels sophisticated, almost as sophisticated as a long dress but it’s not. Which places it right in the middle and lowers the risk of feeling inappropriate – neither too formal, nor too casual. This skirt in particular is a really old one, but I found similar alternatives below:




Since it’s November I wanted to put on something that’s not too revealing on top of the skirt. So I pulled out my The Kooples blouse from AW18 season. That same model is available this season, too but in a leopard print. Here are a few similar ones:




Again an old favorite – my black staple bag by Ralph Lauren. Not too formal but still classic enough to match the occasion. Here are a few similar ones:




I got those kitten heels from ZARA this Spring. I feel like a kitten heel is very appropriate for a wedding. They look chic but don’t have that “party” vibe which extra high heels have. I think weddings are about that laidback and effortless kind of elegance. Here are a few I like:


What would you wear to an Autumn wedding?


Denina ♥